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Why Choose Us

Here are the top reasons families choose Oklahoma Online Academy:

  • Oklahoma Online Academy provides a robust, technology focused, tuition-free public education available with online curriculum content and classes – all day, every day, 24-7.
  • Our school offers a personalized learning experience which is tailor-made for each student.
  • Our school ensures freedom and flexibility in online learning with live, recorded and self-directed instruction.
  • Students who are paired with numerous support services including a mentor, counselor and teacher.
  • Oklahoma Online Academy offers four tracks for further academic and career exploration including the Digital Academy, Global Language Academy, Valiant Prep and Career Academy.
  • The Digital Academy, technology-filled academy, focuses on game design, programming, robotics, engineering, forensics, criminology, computer science, and design/visual arts.
  • Valiant Prep’s track offers a rigorous program with advanced options in Math, Language Arts, and Science including Gifted & Talented and AP options.
  • The Global Language Academy track offers robust languages including Chinese, Spanish and Sign Language in the elementary grades and French, Chinese, German, Japanese, Latin, Spanish and Sign Language in the upper grades.
  • The Career Academy is for high school students desiring accelerated pacing towards completion of a high school diploma.  Our program ensures 100% transfer of existing high school credits.
  • Our school values parents’ central role as learning coaches, working with teachers to sustain student achievement.
  • Students can participate in cutting edge programs, featuring its groundbreaking gaming portal where students learn by gaming and programming in all subject areas.
  • We offer academic, career, world language and tech focused field trips and seminars throughout the state.
  • Numerous summer internships, for eligible students, are available at affiliated corporate partners over the summer.
  • Our school provides advanced leader options through its Honors and AP® programs.
  • Dual enrollment is allowed with community colleges and participating universities.
  • Our school provides one-on-one support and mentoring, and highly qualified teachers vested in each student’s personal success.
  • Oklahoma Online Academy is a school offered by Epic Charter School, and holds accreditation through Epic.